Buyers FAQ

How do we ensure that all items are authentic?

 To remove any potential of fakes, Preluxed incorporates a 'double authentication' policy, where third party experts verify the authenticity of an item, and if approved, our experienced team conducts an additional round of inspection, thus making the process impenetrable.

When will my order be sent out? 

Once you've placed an order, our team will immediately begin packaging your order, ready for sending off. Once this process is completed, your item will be ready to send off. By our standards, your item will take 1-2 business days to be shipped, and then it's off to you! In rare circumstances, we may need an extra day or two for this to be completed.


Sellers FAQ

What happens once you consign?

Once you've posted your item using our label, we'll track its' arrival until the item has reached our destination, and get it ready to sell. If you've asked for additional photos, it'll be taken to the lighting studio to be pictured, otherwise, we'll begin the authentication process to ensure the legitimacy and quality of each item. If your item is approved by our team, we'll have it listed, writing up the description for your product. It will then be uploaded to our platform. We'll then get your item packaged, ready to post once sold. Once we've confirmed a payment for your product, we'll directly wire your funds to you, through your preferred payment method.


What are Preluxed Seller Fees?

This means for products listed above $350, we will cover authentication and storage, and for items priced above $500, we'll cover shipping on top of this!

What are Preluxed Additional Services?

For sellers, Preluxed will already provide free shipping and authentication on most products, but we also offer additional services to suit the convenience of each seller. As of current, we include free description writing and packaging, however, if photos need to be taken, we charge a flexible rate of $20-30 depending on the item. This is partially subsidised for higher value items, and aims to maximise the convivence process for sellers. 

Do fees change if I consign multiple items?

If you consign multiple items at once, we'll combine the value of your products to determine your fees, and ensure free shipping. For authentication purposes, if any item is below $350, this service will not be free.

When do I get charged for seller fees?

Regardless of what type of fees, you'll only be charged upon sale. That means that you won't be charged until you've received your funds, so rest assured, we'll do everything in our power to make sure your product sells ASAP. 

What courier do you use for shipping?

For Preluxed, we're using Auspost/Sendle to make sure your item arrives safely to us. Each shipment will be fully insured, so you don't have to stress about your products going missing! 

Have any questions?

Just write us on the contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! 

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