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Welcome to Preluxed Australia – Elevating Your Luxury Experience with Trust and Convenience!

At Preluxed, our mission is and has always been: to establish ourselves as Australia's most trusted luxury platform, specialising in sourcing authentic designer goods affordably! Our journey began in 2017 when our founders passion for luxury created what is now known as "Preluxed". Initially faced with the unreasonable prices of brand-new items, our founder opted for second-hand, where they scoured the internet for deals. After years of being a luxury enthusiast, this hobby grew to Preluxed Australia, created to share with others the luxury of affordable designer goods. What started as a personal quest soon evolved into a mission to make designer products, much more accessible.

Through these experiences, we recognized the challenges faced by buyers in the luxury market – high fees, unwarranted shipping costs, prolonged waiting times, subpar customer service, and concerns about the authenticity of products. These challenges inspired us to create a haven where buyers can confidently indulge in the luxury marketplace without worry. We're also based solely in Australia, so shipping is affordable and quick!

A Sanctuary of Trust

Preluxed stands as a testament to trust and transparency. Our commitment to trust begins with a rigorous authentication process for every item listed on our platform. Before a product is showcased, it undergoes meticulous scrutiny to ensure authenticity, followed by an in-person inspection for that extra layer of assurance. We take pride in delivering a curated collection of genuine luxury items. Check out our blog here or our authentication guarantee here 


Protecting Your Luxury Experience

For us, your luxury experience is paramount. To protect buyers, we've implemented comprehensive services, including in-hand inspections and product verification before listings go live. This guarantees that every purchase made through Preluxed is an investment in genuine luxury. Additionally, our meticulous approach extends to managing all packaging and postal actions, ensuring your product reaches you in perfect condition.

Your Trust, Our Commitment

Choosing Preluxed means choosing a commitment to trust, authenticity, and a seamless shopping experience. We appreciate your trust in us and are dedicated to continuously enhancing your Preluxed journey. As we carve our niche in redefining the luxury consignment industry in Australia, your support fuels our passion and inspires us to set new standards.


Thank you for choosing Preluxed Australia, where every purchase is more than a transaction – it's a celebration of luxury, trust, and the joy of owning something truly special.

Sincerely, The Preluxed Team. Feel free to contact us below with any inquiries, and we'll respond as soon as we can!


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