Preluxed: Celebrity Clientele

Preluxed: Celebrity Clientele

Daniel Cordas, from hand-crafting fashionable sneakers for modern day icons such as Floyd Mayweather, Billie Eilish, Stormzy and KSI, as well as setting up shop with multi-national affiliate companies “Harrods” and “Jimmy Choo”, has achieved plenty within the last few years. At age 26, Cordas has amassed a large social following, establishing a global repertoire for himself within the shoe and luxury customising industry, on top of partnerships with popularised tequila brands, altering iconic pieces such as Prada sneakers and Louis Vuitton Keepalls. 

His artworks are showcased on his website, and some of his luxury product creations have been sourced here, at Preluxed. Most recently, Cordas altered our Louis Vuitton Keepall, transforming it under a squid games design, listed at $3,300! Other items include a recent Goyard addition which sold for $6400 equivalent. The London-based designer has projected his company, “artnotcustoms” to the forefront of the luxury and sneaker market, and has many plans for the future. At Preluxed, we’ve had the pleasure of supplying multiple designer products to Cordas, ensuring authentic, sustainable high-end pieces are provided at the best prices possible. 

"Squid Games" Keepall customised by @DanielCordas

On top of this, Preluxed has had the pleasure of working with Stephen Vasilev “Zaptio”, someone who remains also highly respected in the customisations field, co-founding popularised e-commerce platform “Heat” and launching his own NFT project “RTFKT Studios”. It was recently highlighted that he had digital collaborations with the celebrated Takashi Murakami, and their newest project has performed over $430M in volume, with a floor price for their individual NFTs set at $40,000/Each, with over 20,000 in the metaverse. From his affiliations with Lexus, Faze clan and more, his videos have garnered hundreds of millions of views collectively. As of recent, Zaptio has treaded within the VR space, with his virtual shoes auctioning at over $15,000 equivalent each piece, paid via cryptocurrency. 

RTFKT Studios x Murakami NFT

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