Prada breaches defined luxury tradition

Prada breaches defined luxury tradition

At the pinnacle of luxury, there sits only a few iconic brands which have shaped the industry to what it is today. All of such have risen through the ranks by asserting the opulence of leather goods, and by showcasing the hidden craftsmanship which has evolved past centuries. 

However, Prada Group, an Italian luxury designer brand, has broke strict tradition, and infused a new material to the mix, Nylon. What was once perceived to be the one of the most inexpensive and common fabrics around, was rehashed into a elegant luxury. Prada's focus on nylon goods drove significant growth, enhanced by the waterproofing, flexible and durable qualities which leather lacked. In largely abstaining from leather goods, Prada had become an ethical brand to fight global issues, like Climate change. 

Recently, their "re-nylon" projects have garnered worldwide attention, with unparalleled demand, once again innovating past luxury. This project saw Prada launch a series of nylon products, all made from recycled textiles, and better yet, all pieces had the potential to be recycled an infinite amount of times. According to the group, this reduced 90% of normal petroleum fuelled nylon emissions, making the company one of the most sustainable brands around. 

In promoting designer goods, Prada has set new standards for upcoming brands to follow, and for existing companies to learn. At Preluxed, we support Prada's vision indefinitely, providing luxury to customers the right way. 



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