Louis Vuitton on surpassing innovation

Louis Vuitton on surpassing innovation

Louis Vuitton has been recognised as a leading player within the designer industry for the past few decades, a timeless brand which has captured the essence of luxury within each product. 

Recently in 2018, LVMH announced that the brands artistic director would be overtaken by Virgil Abloh, Founder of Off-White clothing. This comes as a historical feat as Mr Abloh became the first black person to take this role, and he did it in style.

Prior to this, original LVMH designer Kim Jones had just introduced the "monogram eclipse" colour way, which recaptured the classic brown pattern-way in a new, darker light. An extraordinary risk innovating past boundaries, turned out to be an excellent decision by the French Fashion house, and so was taking on Mr Abloh.

Mr Abloh has been noted down as transforming LVMH to a hybrid luxury brand, propelling prices through his unique takes on various collectibles. In his first collection, he sanctioned a rare feat which was not synonymous with the brand, resell-able prices, and they had extraordinary margins.

Being a luxury brand, Louis Vuittons prices already were already highly tailored to the richest of customers, but Mr Abloh was determined to utilise his remarkable fashion sense, setting a new era of luxury. In his debut collection, the prism keepall, which retailed for $3850 USD, had reached peak sales past $10,000, making the luxury brand even more exclusive and unaffordable.

Since his recent passing in November, Mr Abloh has continued to elevate LVMH, setting rise to a new, distinct and modernised brand. 



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